Join One Of Our Committees


As you explore this list of ministry opportunities, prayerfully consider where you could best use your talents, abilities, experience and gifts as you prepare to fulfill your commitment to use your talents in the mission of the church of Jesus Christ. Some of these ministry areas have available slots now; others have openings every January.  Some areas will require some assessment of an individual’s skills for a particular ministry.


Committee on Finance

The job of this group is to identify, perfect, and manage the finance system for the congregation. The finance system is the processes of raising, managing, and dispersing the finances so that the mission and vision of the congregation can be achieved.

Read more from the Book of Discipline.


Staff Parish Relations Committee

This committee relates to all staff, both bishop-appointed staff and employed staff. It has primary responsibility to work with staff so that the mission of the church is realized. (Note: The United Methodist Church has an appointive system rather than a call system for clergy leadership.)

Read more from the Book of Discipline.


Board of Trustees

The board of trustees supervises and maintains all property belonging to our congregation so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective. The committee is entrusted to see to the proper keeping of God’s house as a way to honor God and to facilitate the ministry of the local church.

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Committee on Lay Leadership

This is the team that serves throughout the year to guide the church council on matters regarding the lay leadership (other than employed staff) of the congregation.  Under the direction of the Pastor who chairs the team, this group matches potential leaders with leadership positions and invites persons to serve in those positions, making sure that these persons represent the makeup of the congregation. 

Read more from the Book of Discipline