Holding Your Special Event At Our Facilities?


It is the desire of First St Cloud that its facilities and property be dedicated to the service of Christ and to humanity. The purpose of these Guidelines is to provide information and guidance for the use of church property by members of the church and the community at large.  Any use of church property by outside groups shall be restricted to those whose purpose and activities are consistent with the Mission and Vision of First United Methodist Church of Saint Cloud.

To schedule the use of any of our facilities or bus, read the 
, and then complete the corresponding form (see below), at least three weeks in advance and provide it to the administrative assistant.

NOTE:  Any driver must be cleared through our insurance prior to any trip. Only approved individuals can drive the church bus.


First St Cloud Clergy provide wedding services to persons who have church membership (either bride or groom) within The United Methodist Church. United Methodist membership can be outside of Florida, but must be WITHIN the global connection of The United Methodist Church, in order to have a wedding ceremony at First St Cloud. Our pastor may make exceptions for active constituents, community members, and family members. If this is your case, please contact our pastor at