Facilities & Property Use Guidelines

The mission statement of First United Methodist Church is “Love God, Love Others, Serve the World”. In keeping with this statement, proper oversight must be given to the facilities to ensure that:
  • Adequate facilities exist to effectively carry out the mission statement
  • Such facilities are properly protected against damage or misuse
  • A spirit of cooperation exists with church members, community and civic groups, other non-profit organizations, and individuals regarding the use of the church’s facilities
  • Appropriate fees are assessed for non-church events in order to recover the expense associated with the use of the building



Regularly scheduled church meetings and activities of First Church have first priority in the use of its facilities. Other church related meetings and functions have second priority. Respect and consideration will be given in the arrangements for funerals and family gatherings for funerals.

Groups outside the church may, for a fee, use the facilities when they are not already scheduled for use of church functions.

Facilities are not available to outside groups for profit making activities or to organizations engaged in partisan political activities.

A Certificate of Insurance must be provided by all outside groups naming First United Methodist Church of Saint Cloud as an additional insured for the purpose of covering liability and property damage or accidents that might occur on church property.

A review committee consisting of the Pastor, the Board of Trustees and other appropriate program staff persons will determine the eligibility of any outside organization to use the facilities. This committee will act on requests to waive fees for non-profit, ministry related organizations.



A Facilities Request Form, which is available online, should be completed by all church organizations requesting use of the facility, other than regularly scheduled services and programs and submitted to the Calendar Secretary. For a list of fees for Wedding Ceremonies, please click here.

Church events will be placed on the church calendar when the appropriate form has been submitted to the Calendar Secretary and determination is made that no conflicts exist.

Events for outside organizations will be placed on the church calendar after approval by the review committee.

All deposits are to be paid upon notification of approval and the balance paid in advance of the event.



General Guidelines for Use of Facilities

  • The leader of the group should submit a Facilities Request Form in a timely manner to the Calendar Secretary.
  • Children should be supervised by their parents or responsible adults at all times and should not roam freely on church property.
  • The use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages or illegal substances is not permitted in the buildings or on the grounds of the church.
  • A church representative will be on duty during the time of usage. If questions or needs arise during the event this individual should be contacted.
  • Dining or the serving of food is limited to pre-approved designated areas.
  • Activities and programs are limited to the space that is assigned.
  • The user is expected to leave the building reasonably clean and remove all items associated with their program immediately following the event.
  • The user will be held responsible for any damage done to church property associated with the scheduled event.
  • The user assumes liability for injuries to persons attending the event and for damages or loss of user’s property.
  • The conduct of all persons attending programs is expected to be respectful of the environment of the Lord’s house.


Building Use Procedures

The group leader is responsible for the following prior to the event:

  • Submitting a room set-up diagram
  • Requesting any equipment needs in advance
  • If an outside group, signing an agreement, submitting a Certificate of Insurance and paying fees for use of the facility (if any).

The group leader is responsible for the following during or after the event:

  • Reporting to the staff person on duty any accident or injury, so that appropriate action may be taken and an Incident Report may be completed
  • Reporting to the staff person on duty any damage or maintenance problems
  • Leaving the facility reasonably clean and removing all items associated with the event


Kitchen Use Procedures

Kitchen facilities are available to First Church organizations and approved outside groups.

Any church group desiring to use the church kitchen should designate one member as their representative to communicate with the Church Custodian. This representative is responsible for:

  • Understanding the use of kitchen equipment
  • Cleaning, drying and storing all dishes and utensils
  • Washing all counter tops and work areas with cleanser
  • Cleaning all leftovers out of the refrigerator
  • Using only items purchased specifically for the groups’ use
  • Cleaning spills
  • Sweeping floors
  • Checking all appliances to make sure they are turned off
  • Communicating any problems with the Church Custodian.
  • Remove all garbage
  • Replace garbage cans with clean bags


  • Reused cardboard boxes
  • Reused plastic bags (including shopping bags)
  • Reused paper bags

Any group or individual using an outside caterer should be provided with a copy of these rules, and must complete a Facilities Use Request Form. In addition to the above captioned guidelines, the caterer must:

  • Provide a Certificate of Insurance naming First United Methodist Church as an additional insured party
  • Use no church foods on hand
  • Clean the kitchen, to include leaving no leftovers